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Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah will join Fortunate Youth on their "West In Peace" tour with The Movement in November 2018. Tickets available now at

Nov 14: Berkeley, CA

Nov 15: Santa Cruz, CA

Nov 16: Santa Cruz, CA

Nov 17: San Francisco, CA

Nov 18: San Luis Obispo, CA

Nov 21: Los Angeles, CA

Nov 23: San Diego, CA

Nov 24: Santa Ana, CA

Nov 25: Santa Ana, CA

Nov 28: Ventura, CA

Nov 29: Indio, CA

Nov 30: Tempe, AZ

Dec 1: Las Vegas, NV



Junior Marvin, lead guitarist of Bob Marley & The Wailers
was quoted about Josh Heinrichs, saying
“Josh is one of those guys who comes along and fills his music with such an inspiration and with such energy that it translates so easily and positively to anyone hearing it. He is a rare talent in both his ability to craft a song with a certain timeless quality to it, and then, man, his voice, well, I mean, damn, the kid can sing as good as anyone out there; a bright future – that one.”  

Josh Heinrichs is a stalwart in the American and worldwide reggae community. Beginning his own reggae band, Jah Roots, in Springfield, Missouri in 2001 as well as forming his own record label, GanJah Records with his wife, Kaytee. Josh wrote and recorded 5 albums with his former band, Jah Roots, and gained a loyal independent following via Myspace and a tireless touring schedule from 2005-2009.  

Since leaving Jah Roots in 2009 to pursue a solo career, Josh has released a #1 Billboard Reggae album(Good Vibes 2016) & several other Top 10 debuting albums. He has shared the stage  & toured the world with many headline acts including Bob Marley's children (Ziggy, Stephen & Damian), Rebelution, Ben Harper, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, The Wailers, 311, Slightly Stoopid and many more. Josh has also made numerous appearances at music festivals all over the USA, Guam and Hawaii including 4 appearances at The largest Reggae festival in USA, California Roots and has performed 6  tours of the Hawaiian Islands. Josh has also performed for the island nation of Guam, twice, to thousands of screaming fans singing along to every word.  With all these accolades, years of touring and constantly promoting positive Reggae music through out the world, Josh's form of Reggae music and message remain a constant driving force behind the current reggae scene, worldwide. 


Made In California EP with SkillinJah (2018)

The new Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah 5 song EP dropped May 20th, 2018! The EP features guest performances by  ​Inna Vision & Preston Lee & was recorded, produced, mixed & mastered in Los Angeles, California by Gonzo of Tribal Seeds, Aaron Kaili, ​Studio 637 ​& Jesse Mestas.  ​  

The Best Yet (2001 - 2016)

 At 19 songs deep, this album contains the very best hits so far by Josh Heinrichs spanning from 2001 - 2016. Including many hit songs like "Spliff and My Lady", New Love", "These Days", "Ganja", "Rooftop Session" and many more!  

Good Vibes (2016)

Josh's 1st album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Charts. This album is pure roots rocking reggae & nothing but positive lyrics. This album contains hits song like "Good Vibes", "Puff Herbs" and "Start With Yourself" 

Rooftop Session (2013)

'Rooftop Session' is the title track and name of of Josh's 2013 EP that also features 2 cover songs redone in a Reggae style that only Josh can pull off.  First is the country classic by Buck Owens/Ray Charles "Crying Time" and the second cover is Josh's acoustic  rendition of Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain" This EP also contains the fan favorite "Wrapped Up" as well as "Straight From Yard" with SkillinJah. 

High on Love (2013)

The 2013 sister album to 'Rooftop Session' ( the art work for the covers match) this EP contains the hit songs "Love is the answer" and "One Love" Ft SkillinJah. 

SkillinJah 'Reality' (2012)

 SkillinJah's 2nd album on GanJah Records. "Reality" contains 11 original tracks featuring a full live backing band. Josh Heinrichs guests sings on most tracks and completely co-wrote and co-produced the entire album.  

Jah Roots (2011)

This is a collection of Josh's favorite songs he wrote while in the band, Jah Roots. "Spliff and My Lady", "Crucial", "Only Wanna Be With You" & more... The songs have all been redone in an acoustic driven style and feature guitar legend Bill Bruce doubling as lead guitarist and producer of the overall album.  

Satisfied (2011)

Satisfied", Heinrichs 4th full length solo album contains 12 tracks recorded with the help of a full backing band. The album contains guest vocals by SkillinJah as well as by newcomers Rexie Adlawan from the Hawaiian reggae band Inity Collective and an appearance by New Zealand roots artist, Regan Perry!   

SkillinJah 'Emergency Spliff' (2011)

 SkillinJah's 1st album on GanJah Records. "Emergency Spliff" contains 12 original all acoustic tracks featuring Josh Heinrichs guests singing on most tracks. Josh also co-wrote and co-produced the entire album.  

Live in Hawaii (2010)

This album was recorded from Josh Heinrichs first appearance in Hawaii at The Kulia Roots Fest in October 2009. It is 6 songs spanning Josh's career from 2005 to 2008, including the hits "Spliff & My Lady", "Crucial" & more. The backing band is Kanoa and Gomega from Maui, Hawaii.

Josh Heinrichs & Friends (2010)

 Josh has enlisted an all star cast of friends for this superb reggae album! Aston "Familyman" Barrett from Bob Marley & The Wailers, members of Katchafire, The Green, Inna Vision, 77 Jefferson, Cas Haley & more make this album a MUST HAVE!     

Favorites w/ Cas Haley (2009)

In 2009, Cas Haley & Josh Heinrichs, recorded "Favorites", their retake on a collection of modern and classic reggae favorites. Announced to be released in late summer 2009 by Jim Slayton & his label Big Karma Records, but the album was postponed to due to producer Jim Slaton's unexpected death from a heart attack in August 2009. The album has never been released. The album was mastered by Rob Fraboni who also produced and mastered artists such as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Etta James, etc...   

Joy w/ Jah Roots (2008)

'Joy' was Josh's 5th and final album with the band Jah Roots. The album was written primarily Heinrichs and was recorded at LION and FOX Recording Studios in Washington DC. It was released in April 2008, and charted on iTunes Top 100 Reggae Albums.

Crucial w/ Jah Roots (2006)

'Crucial' was Josh's 4th album with the band Jah Roots. The album was written primarily by Heinrichs and was released in 2006.

Babylon Weak Heart w/ Baddaflexx & Jah Roots (2005)

'Babylon Weak Heart' was Josh's 3rd album with the band Jah Roots and 1st album with his future collaborator, SkillinJah, who went by Baddaflexx in 2005. The album was written entirely by SkillinJah & Heinrichs and was released in 2005. 

More Herbs for the Youth w/ Jah Roots (2005)

'More Herbs For The Youth' was Josh's 2nd album with the band Jah Roots. The album was entirely written by Heinrichs and was released in 2005. 

Steppin Out of Babylon w/ Jah Roots (2002)

'Steppin Out Of Babylon' was Josh's 1st album with the band Jah Roots. The album was written primarily by Heinrichs and was released in 2002. 

Big Hits w/ Phen (2001)

Phen was the band Jah Roots before becoming Jah Roots. This is the only album recorded as Phen and is more of a live recording with an audience of friends in the studio. The album was recorded in 2001.



Download Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah's debut song with their VOLTRON backing band. The song is called “Foo’s” and features VOLTRON back up singer Dread Kennedy on the 1st verse of the song. DOWNLOAD THE SONG FREE HERE: 

Download the entire full 1 hour audio concert
Josh Heinrichs Ft SkillinJah and For Peace Band
“Live at California Roots 2016”
FREE  here -  


Visit Josh Heinrichs online merch store at

Visit Josh Heinrichs online merch store at

Visit Josh Heinrichs online merch store at

Visit Josh Heinrichs online merch store at  


Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah "Peaceful Conference" official music video.  From the album 'Made in California' now available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Filmed in & around beautiful Springfield, Missouri & Springfield lake  Directed, edited and made by Miles Brown for Stay Wise Media. 

Josh Heinrichs with Fortunate Youth  performing "Sweet Sensi" live at The 2018 One Love Cali Reggae Fest in Long Beach, California. 

Josh Heinrichs "Puff Herbs" official music video.  
From the 2016 album 'Good Vibes' now available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Filmed in & around Kansas City, Missouri. Directed, edited and made by Miles Brown for Stay Wise Media.  

Arise Roots Ft. Marlon Asher, Josh Heinrichs & SkillinJah "So High" official music video.  From the 2017 single "So High" now available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Filmed in & around Los Angeles, California. Directed, edited and made by  Nate Perry for @nateperryfilms 

Josh Heinrichs & 77 Jefferson "These Days" official music video.  From the 2010 album 'Josh Heinrichs & Friends' now available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Filmed in & around Kansas City, Missouri. Directed, edited and made by Lance Sitton.

Josh Heinrichs Ft. SkillinJah  "Ganja" official music video. From the 2011 album "Satisfied" now available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Filmed in & around Springfield, Missouri. Directed, edited and made by Lance Sitton.

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